Welcome to Fantasy World Roleplay Wiki! At here, you can roleplay ANYTHING that lives in the Ganina Kingdoms. There are four kingdoms; Serinea Kingdom, Zukalu Kingdom, Riskua Kingdom, and Hazulia Kingdom. Next to The Ganina Kingdoms are the evil kingdom, Darkness Kingdom. Just remeber to follow the rules so you could have a great time. If you need any help, ask our founder, Silverstar. Have fun!

Ganina KingdomsEdit

Ganina has four roleplaying kingdoms. They are enimies, but they sometimes fight toghter agaisent the Darkness Kingdom. They are all ruled by a king and queen, and they all have a messager.

Serinea Kingdom- This kingdom is very small but storng. They're palace is the smallest out of Ganina.

Zukalu Kingdom- This kingdom is large but very soft and kind. They're alace is the second smallest of Ganina.

Riskua Kingdom- This kingdom is very potective but kind. They have the biggist palace of Ganina.

Hazulia Kingdom- This kingdom is very tough but storng. They have the second beiggist palace of Ganina.

Darkness KingdomEdit

The Darkness Kingdom are twelve times larger than the Ganina Kingdoms. They live next to them, closest to Riskua. All oof the kingdoms are they're enimes. They are ruled by four kings and two queens,


Like most wikis, there are rules to here to keep roleplaying fun and fair. There are many rules, but here are some of them.

1; You can only have six creatures per kingdom.

2:No swearing at all.

3:There are only five roleplaying kingdoms(incoulding Darkness Kingdom). Please do not make a new one.

4:Please be kind and fair to other users.

Too see more rules, go to FWR Rules.

FWR MeetingEdit

At every end of the month, all users of this wiki have a meeting. We talk about what we should add to this wiki, if there are any problems, or if they have ideas. The meeting will last three days. See WFR 2012-2013 Meeting.


We have a newspaprer about all our news and events going on. To see more, go to FWR Newspaper.

Wiki StaffEdit

Silverstar- Founder of wiki. Ask her for any help or information.

Regular UsersEdit


This wiki is not based on anythign so it may confuse you. To see the terminology, go to Kingdom Teminogly.

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